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How to Add a Stunning 3D Flash Image Slider to Your Site With CU3ER

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If you are a web developer or designer and are looking for a stunning 3D flash image slider for your site to impress your visitors at the first sight then, here is an effective flash component worth trying. To intrigue your further it sports 3D image transitions, horizontal and vertical cubing, auto play, description boxes and a lot more.

With CU3ER, a free 3D Flash image slider, you can create an image slider with fabulous image transitions and give your web site an elegant look and feel.


CU3ER requires XML configuration to set the path to sliding images and other settings necessary for handling the flash based image slider. It sports a wide range of features to customize the image slider based on your needs. Some of its key features are,

  • Great range of options for 3D transition: horizontal and vertical cubing, transition based on direction – left, right, top or bottom, transition direction manager etc.,
  • Customization of the user interface: various navigation symbols to choose from.
  • Custom text properties: you can define text properties like alignment, size, color and letter spacing based on your style and requirement.
  • Debug mode: this mode enables you to monitor memory usage and frame rate.

For a quick start,

  • Download CU3ER and extract the files to a folder of your choice.
  • For an initial test, open demo.htm in your browser to get an idea of some of the 3D effects CU3ER can perform.
  • The rotating images can be found in the in the ‘cu3er > images’ folder. You can replace your images with the default ones based on need.
  • You might want to backup the config.xml before actually editing it for customization.

Customizing the slide rotator,

As I mentioned earlier, CU3ER employs an XML file for configuration and other settings. So, basically customization of the Flash image slide rotator involves writing an XML file with necessary preferences. The structure of the XML file would look like,


As in the above structure, each slide can have a hyperlink, description box with heading and a paragraph for further explanation. A transition effect of your choice can be added between slides. Under an optional ‘settings’ node you can include navigation symbols with custom properties, auto play, delay time between slides etc., You might want to go through the quick start guide.

CU3ER also provides a comprehensive XML reference document to further customize your Flash image slide rotator. It contains detailed explanation of all the combinations possible for transition effects and configuration options possible for the Flash component.

As a conclusion, CU3ER needs some basic knowledge of XML and experience with image editing to create a visually pleasing Flash slide rotator. This is definitely a promising Flash component to add a stunning look to your blog or web site and give your visitors a content-rich experience.

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