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Photo Gallery Template

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Are you an artist or photographer who wants to show his art works in the best possible blog or website? You can build your own website to feature your artworks, attracting potential clients as well.  Have your works with you and all you will need next is a web site host and an attractive template for your blog design. MyTemplatez has a Photo Gallery Template which you can use to make the site eye-catching for viewers. It is completely free to download and modifiable to suit your art needs. This can also be used by simple art enthusiasts who just want to present their art using an attractive template that is sure to keep viewers coming back for updates.

The main page features the Introduction, contact page, latest artworks and tabs for easy browsing – all harmonically put in place. Since the template elements are modifiable, you can change the information easily with its user friendly setup. As stated in the template preview, the only stipulation to the use of this free template is that the links appearing in the footer remain intact. This is to keep the copyright of the owner even though it is available to the public and free for commercial use. This template is coded in CSS, making it applicable to most blog sites

The background hue displays a warm background for your works of art. It enhances the beauty of photographs going beyond the usual white background of a typical portfolio or sketchpad. The contents are not squeezed into one whole page instead they are systematically sorted into tabs. The links in these tabs can be changed according to your desired page and can be viewed with just a simple click of the mouse. This gives the readers the satisfaction of reading posts from your website with ease and pleasure while looking at some images. One good aspect from this Photo Gallery template is the simplicity in design yet stylish appearance. It did not need to have wild colors to attract instead it made use of simple colors to making it charming and stress free for viewers. The balance between the text and images is perfectly established.  Readers would not want to see walls of texts with few small images or the other way around.

The intricate details found on the main page makes this template the best option to use for artists. Reading from a web site with this type of design will let you feel like you are looking at an actual portfolio. Each page element complements the other with its enthralling combination. It is also easy to read from this kind of page. The accessibility of tabs in the right side saves space while presenting the viewer with a lot of links within the website. Many readers would love to check again and again for any updates from your blog or web site with this template being used. Sometimes simplicity stands out above the complex ones and this is one example where that applies.

This template is free to download and has CSS, WordPress & Blogger version and with a beautiful template like this, it sure is a steal.

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2 Responses to “Photo Gallery Template”

  1. Andrew says:

    beautiful template! I like the fact that it comes with all 3 versions for blogger, wordpress and css.

  2. UGG Boots says:

    I found this article useful in a paper I am writing at university. Hopefully, I get an A+ now!


    Bernice Franklin