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People HATE ads. As a copywriter who makes a living writing ads, this is a very unfortunate fact to bear. Every copywriter, art director or person vaguely involved in the production of advertising is most likely hated for writing ads, and really hates to hear this. It means our days spent wading through the crappy clichés to find a burst of original creativity is a complete waste of time and effort. However, everyone loves a great website. Why you ask? Well because a website doesn’t invade your morning subway ride, or dice and slice your favourite TV drama into a Mr.Clean and Glade plug-in sandwich. Websites are a place that you visit on your very own, with a purpose. So, your web design better be damn good.

Companies should put effort and thought into creating a great website. Web design is not the place to squander. Like I said, ads are unwelcome 99% of the time but the people looking at your site are there because they want to be. Yet, they can also lose interest very quickly. We all know what a crappy website looks like: eye-burning colours and fonts that leave you seeing spots minutes after you’ve closed the page, disorganization, inconsistency, total chaos. Your eyes don’t know where to look or what they’re even looking at. This is the exact opposite of what a successful company wants.

My copywriting program taught me about the importance of building a brand, using consistency across all mediums. A company’s website should definitely be consistent with their brand or even better, speak directly to it. This company’s website has a wonderful illustration that is closely knit with their tagline, not to mention that it’s memorable and easy to navigate:

Every successful website should attempt to be interesting and visually appealing, while maintaining excellent usability and simplicity. A website that shows off what you’re selling through a nice design goes a long way, rather than just telling your customer about it. For example, take a look at this website:

Visiting this page made me want to visit the restaurant. The clean design and beautiful photographs of their dishes are an enticing combination that stays in line with the restaurant’s brand image. Other companies are able to take an everyday concept and make it theirs through a web design that is fresh and unique.

A simple, creative and usable website will certainly stand out in the sea of crap that’s floating around on the internet. Creativity is contagious; when you see a fantastic site, you crave more creative thinking. You see how a website can be flat and boring, and then you see how a website can interact with a user’s mind on a different level.  We are living in an online google-searching, youtube-ing, twittering kind of world. This is why the website has come to be a company’s home. That space should be decorated and taken care of. It should be inviting to guests. If companies invest in their home, users might actually want to take off their coats and stay awhile. Imagine that.

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  1. Hey Ian, very true. Web development companies and website developers should stress on creating websites with cool look and feel. A bit RnD is of utmost necessity in creating good designs without just squandering around. The current web revolution requires nice designs relevant to the line of business.