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Online Template Generators for Blogs and Websites

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Though there are many ready-made blog and web site templates available on the web, you might want to build your own unique custom design. Having a basic structure might make it easier to build the template. Following is a list of some of the best tools which enable you to create a basic framework so that you can further customize the template according to your needs.


CSSEZ is a web based template generator for Movable Type and WordPress blogs. It provides useful features which let you choose between one to four columns for your blog design and layout. You can define the column width, padding, margin, border, font and link styles. You can also upload your background image or create one with the image maker. One doesn’t need knowledge of CSS, (X)HTML or blog template tags to get started with CSSEZ.

You can search shared designs, download them and use them as base templates and create new designs from them. With CSSEZ, users can easily create blog themes and templates for Content Management Systems such as WordPress and Movable Type simultaneously.


If your blog is based on WordPress then, Templatr is a web based template generator worth trying. It provides you with multiple layouts, and various formatting options. You can customize various elements of the template like pages, header, footer, margin, padding, title, border etc., for your WordPress blog.

It also provides you an image upload tool, with which you can upload any graphics and use as part of your template. Once complete, you can download the template onto your system for free as a zip file.

WordPress Theme Generator

WordPress Theme Generator is a prolific web based utility that enables you to design custom unique WordPress themes without the need to know about PHP, JS, CSS, or (X)HTML languages. You can customize the theme based on various settings and options like menu layout, sidebar location and size, tag cloud, archives and search box. You can also choose your blog name, site body size and text schemes. Users can also upload a web site logo and link to it from the template designed. Once completed, you can preview the designed WordPress theme and download it as a zip file.


PsycHo is an open source template generator for Blogger, BlogFa and PersianBlog platforms. You can choose from four column options and set appropriate page title(s), body background color, title background, description, text, spacing etc., It’s easy for use and doesn’t require much knowledge of HTML and CSS. You can also preview your customized blog template and get the HTML code for it.

You might also want to check out HTML CSS PHP Template generator and Drupal Theme Generator.

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