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5 Amazing JQuery Image Gallery/Slideshow Plugins

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Image slideshows are trending within web pages now and are used as a medium to showcase important information for the readers in an elegant way. jQuery being popular among web developers is used to create these stunning image slideshows and galleries.

Following are some of the intriguing jQuery plug-ins which might come handy for you.

Supersized – Full Screen Background/Slideshow jQuery Plugin

Supersized is a jQuery plug-in which enables you to add full screen image slideshows with stunning transition effects. It’s controls are simple and easy to use. Some of it’s key features include resizing images to fit the browser while maintaining relative dimension ratio. Repeats images as a slideshow with some great transition effects. Navigation controls are made available for pause/play and forward/back etc.,

Demo : Supersized – Full Screen Background/Slideshow jQuery Plugin

Galleriffic – jQuery Plugin for Rendering Rich Photo Galleries

Galleriffic, jQuery plug-in, enables you to render rich photos galleries, enhancing the end user experience for your web pages. It’s features image pre-loading, thumbnail navigation and keyboard navigation. It has jQuery history plugin integrated to support bookmark friendly URLs for images. This plugin allows custom controls via an API, supports image captions and multiple galleries per page.

Demo: Gallerific jQuery plugin

Gallery View

GalleryView is a content-gallery jQuery plugin which is capable of displaying any HTML content in an animated gallery view.  It requires the jQuery Timers plugin to facilitate timing of animation events.

Demo: Gallery View jQuery plugin


Zoomimage – jQuery plugin enables you to portray images in an elegant manner. It preloads images, scales them to fit the viewport and allows you navigate using the keyboard. The images open as an inpage pop-up with drop shadow and border.

Demo: Zoomimage jQuery plugin

Easy Slider – Numeric Navigation jQuery Slider

Easy Slider features auto slide, hide controls and optional wrapping markup for control buttons. It supports numeric navigation as an alternative to next/previous buttons. Easy Slider has continuous scroll instead of switching to the first of the last side.

Demo: Easy Slider jQuery plugin

Do tell us about your favorite jQuery plug-ins in comments.

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