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Add Live Charts to Your Website with Google Chart Tools

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Good charts are always a nice option to portray data in an interactive way for the readers. They can really engage users, taking a complex concept out and make it really simple and easy to comprehend.

Google Chart Tools, makes it easier for websites to display data for users in a visually intuitive and interactive manner. These tools are broken down into two parts: image charts and interactive charts.

The image charts work with a simple URL structure, defining the necessary characteristics via URL parameters. Whereas, the interactive charts, use a slightly more complicated Javascript library.

Interactive charts will allow you to show extra data on mouseovers and simple animations. There are different chart styles available, from pie charts, interactive maps, line charts to venn diagrams.

According to the Google Code Blog, “Interactive charts trigger events, providing tool-tips and animations. In addition to a rich gallery of charts, this tool can also read live data from a variety of data sources such as Oracle PL/SQL or Google spreadsheets.”

The advantage of  Google Chart Tools is that, a rich gallery of visualizations is provided as:

  • Image charts – using a simple URL request to a Google chart server.
  • Interactive charts – using a Google developed JavaScript library.

Google Chart Tools can be used to read live data from a variety of data sources, its simple and easy to use. You can get started with creating Google Charts here and Interactive charts here.

Image charts are basically static images whereas interactive charts support user interaction, and throw events that can be handled by your code. You can find a comparison of image charts API and interactive charts API here.

The chart types available with the Google Chart API include box charts, dynamic icons, line charts, pie charts, radar charts, Venn diagrams and more. You might want to go through the list of type of charts available in the chart gallery. Similarly for interactive charts you can check out the visualizations, data sources and tools.

Google Chart Tools can be very handy for web developers to display data in an interactive way for readers. These visual data sets would be intriguing to play around the web.

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