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15 Useful WordPress Plugins to Manage Subscribers

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If you blog is based on WordPress, then following are some useful WordPress plugins to effectively manage your subscribers. These plugins help you with subscription management, email notifications, mailing lists and creating newsletters directly from your WordPress powered blog.

1. Subscribe2 – Subscribe2 is a comprehensive subscription management and email notification system for your WordPress blog. This plugin enables you to send email notification to a list of subscribers on a per-post basis or periodically in a digest email. It also enables readers to subscribe to your blog by entering their email address in an easy to use form or also register with your blog. You have complete control over the presentation of the email notifications.


2. Post Notification – This plugin enables you to send email notifications to thousands of subscribers. Unlike Subscribe 2, your subscribers have the option to choose the categories they want and also each subscriber gets his personal mail, with a link to change his subscribed categories or also unsubscribe. This plugin integrates into almost any theme without any tweak.

Post Notification

3. Newsletter – This plugin allows you to manage subscriptions and create newsletters directly from your WordPress powered blog. It also allows you to select whether the subscription process should be single opt-in or double opt-in process. It provides you with a simple visual composer to create the newsletter and send it to your subscribers. It also allows you to customize the subject and the body according to the subscriber name.


4. Sendit – This plugin enables you to send newsletters to your subscribers and also collect subscribers from your blog. It helps you to extract content for your newsletters from your blog posts or pages or also create your own content.You can have one or more mailing lists and also edit the template for each mailing list. This plugin uses XHTML format for the Newsletters.


5. G-Lock Double Opt-In Manager – This plugin enables the readers of your blog to subscribe to your mailing list directly from your blog using a double opt-in method. It sends an email with subscription confirmation link to the user. This plugin also sends a welcome email to each new subscriber. Subscriber have an option to update their subscription details or unsubscribe. It also enables you to convert your blog RSS feed into a newsletter and send it to your subscribers. You have complete control over the style and the content of your email newsletter and also have the option to schedule your newsletter weekly, monthly, or as soon as you add a certain no of posts.

G-Lock Double Opt-In Manager

6. Quick Subscribe – This plugin allows readers to subscribe to your blog quickly by just entering their email address. A username based on the email address is created and a random password is generated. This plugin is compatible with Subscribe2 and WPMailing.

Quick Subscribe

7. MailPress – This plugin enables you to send email notifications to your subscribers from your WordPress powered blog. It also allows you to select themes for your emails. It also enables readers to subscribe to comments as well as newsletters.


8. WP PHPList – This plugin gives you the ability to easily allow readers to subscribe to your newsletter or RSS feed of your blog. It enables you to collect subscribers for your PHPList e-mail notification system. It is easy to use and doesn’t require any additional template modification.


9. MailChimp List Subscribe Form – This plugin enables you to quickly add a signup form for your MailChimp list as a widget on your blog. The setup process is very easy and it doesn’t need any coding. It also gives you complete control over the design of the form. You must have a MailChimp List account to use this plugin.

MailChimp List Subscribe Form10. Subscribe to Comments – This plugin enables commenters to sign up to email subscription of subsequent entries. It allows the commenters to unsubscribe to certain posts, block all notifications, or even change their notification e-mail address using a fully featured subscription manager. Unlike the above plugins, this plugin enables the readers to subscribe only to the comments of certain posts and not to the entire blog.

Subscribe to Comments

11. Subscribe to Double-Opt-In Comments – This plugin enables readers to receive notification of new comments that are posted on an entry, with a double opt-in feature. Readers will have to confirm their email address before receiving notifications.Compared to Subscribe to Comments, this plugin gives you an additional feature of double opt-in.

Subscribe to Double Opt-In Comments

12. Disqus Comment System – This plugin helps in managing comments and makes commenting easier and more interactive. It helps in improving discussion on your blog and connects conversations across a thriving discussion community. It allows auto-syncing of comments with Disqus and WordPress database. This plugin also enables readers to subscribe to the comments via email as well as RSS. It allows full moderation of comments and also provides you with powerful admin tools and spam filtering.

Disqus Comment System

13. AddToAny : Subscribe Button – This plugin allows readers to subscribe to your blog using feed readers like Google Reader, My Yahoo!, Netvibes, Windows Live and all other RSS readers.. Just like any other AddToAny plugins, this plugin too comes with a customizable smart menu that places the services visitors use the most at the top of the menu, based on each visitor’s browsing history.

AddToAny : Subscribe Button

14. Subscription Options – This plugin adds a widget on your blog that allows users to subscribe to your blog using RSS, Facebook, Twitter etc. It offers you an attractive range of subscription icons to choose from. It also provides you with an easy to use interface for editing options, including your feed or page URLs, widget title, icon sizes,etc.

Subscription Options Icon

Subscription Options Settings

15. Subscribe Remind – This plugin places some text at the end of each post inviting your readers to subscribe to your RSS feeds. It helps you in turning your visitors into subscribers. This plugin is very easy to use and configure.

Subscribe Remind

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