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The Power of Learning Something New

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Inspiration and even motivation can be a hard thing to come by, as long as you’re forced to design something every working day of your life. Working for clients only can also be a motivation killer, by not allowing oneself to express their own design style and talents. One way to kill that loss of motivation and creativity is to do something new again — to learn something new again.

We all know that as professionals in the web design field we need to keep learning to stay up to date. However, we should also want to keep learning. In this post we’ll go over why learning something new can have so many benefits, and how one can gain the spark of motivation back for doing so. We’ll also look into some of the best topics one could look into the web design field, assuming you as a designer are not perfect in every web design related subject just yet.

Why Should I Learn Something New?

There are a number of reasons to learn something new, but some rather specific reasons when you want to learn something new in the web design and development field. I’ve blogged a lot before about sticking to your own niche and ‘perfecting’ it, but it can also be incredibly beneficial to expand to other areas.

1. Learning Can Bring Inspiration

Learning something new can bring inspiration because you are giving yourself images, concepts, and ideas you’ve never had to think about before. When something is new, it’s easy to become interested in it, and interest is a spark; interest is motivation and inspiration.

2. You Can Expand Your Portfolio

The thing about the web design field is, no matter what your niche, many technologies are intertwined. If you find a new interest in advanced JavaScript, yet still call yourself just a designer, you can bring new and interesting interaction and/or visual effects to your web designs.

Just because you pick up a new skill by learning something new, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to shy away from your niche, or become the “Jack of All Trades.” Instead, you can use your new-found knowledge to expand your portfolio, and better your current work.

3. Keep the Neurons Firing

When you learn something new, your neurons fire. This can lead to new and better ideas. A more efficient mind comes into play. You may find that briefly learning about a new coding language can help you to think of how to work with new color palettes in an original way. The fact that your mind is getting out of a rut and becoming more active will not just help to learn the new material, but also to fire up old material.

Some Things to Learn in the Web Design Field

What should anyone learn about? There are a number of areas one can expand in within this field to better oneself. Below are just a few ideas:

  • New web design techniques and trends. Look through some of your favorite designer’s portfolios. Do you see any techniques you’d like to try out? Can you work with them to turn it into your own thing?
  • An alternative design style. If your design style is minimalistic and grid-like, try something colorful, texture-full, and ordinary. If you have a more abstract style, discipline yourself to a grid and to less.
  • A new programming language. Go beyond HTML and CSS and learn PHP, JavaScript, or even ASP.NET. You don’t need to become an expert, but it can be surprising how a bit of basic knowledge on a given language can expand your skill set.
  • Learn how to work with the latest technologies. HTML5, CSS3, mobile web pages, apps, or learn how to design for the iPad.

What are some things you could learn?

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