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15+ Useful WordPress Plugins for RSS Management

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RSS is one among the most convenient way for visitors to subscribe to frequent updates from your blog. It makes it easy for visitors to subscribe to your blog even without registering to your site’s newsletter. The number of blogs providing RSS feeds are growing day by day making RSS feeds one among the largest subscription service.

WordPress comes with a default RSS widget for managing your RSS feeds. But, it does not give you complete control over your RSS feeds. Hence, using plugins to manage RSS feeds becomes really essential. To help you choose the best plugins for your blog, we bring you some of the top WordPress plugins for RSS management.

1. RSS Footer – This plugin enables you to add text or link at the beginning or end of every article in your RSS feeds. It can be used to show your copyright or simply to add a link back to your blog.

2. Ozh’ Better Feed – This plugin allows you to add a custom footer to your RSS items like a Read More link, a copyright notice, list of related entries, Share on Twitter link or even custom PHP codes that are compatible with FeedBurner or similar services. This plugin is similar to RSS Footer but it provides you with some extra features and also gives you more flexibility and control over your feeds.

3. Simple Feed Copyright – This plugin enables you to add a copyright notice at the bottom of every post in your RSS feed. It also gives a link back to your blog. This plugin adds only a copyright notice to your RSS feed posts, compared to Ozh’ Better Feed and RSS Footer which provides you with a host of other features like adding custom PHP codes, link to share the post, etc.

4. RSSupplement – This plugin adds information like categories, post author, comment link, copyright information and more to your RSS feeds post. It also supports Socialable plugin.

5. KB Advanced RSS widget – This plugin can be used as a replacement for the default RSS widget that comes with WordPress. Compared to the default RSS widget, this plugin gives you an additional option of formatting the RSS feeds. But it requires you to have a basic knowledge of HTML.

6. FeedStats – This plugin gives you statistics about the readers that have come from your RSS feeds. It provides you information about the number of readers that have come through RSS, their time on site, etc. The statistics appear right in your WordPress dashboard. You also have the option of excluding certain IP’s, setting the number of days to track information and more.

7. RSS Link Tagger for Google Analytics – This plugin adds tags to your RSS feed links that can be used by Google Analytics to keep track of the number of users that came from your RSS feeds.

8. BBU’s RSS Feed Campaign Tagger Plugin for WordPress – This plugin is similar to RSS Link Tagger. It adds tags to the links in your RSS feeds that can be used to track the response of your RSS feed readers via Google Analytics. You can track how the readers interact with your site, the ads they click on, products they buy, etc.

9. RSSLess – This plugin enables you to hide specific content like video, images etc from appearing in the RSS feeds using certain short codes. Certain items do not appear or embed correctly in your RSS feeds. This plugin simply replaces the content with alternate text.

10. Align RSS Images – This plugins scans your RSS feeds for images and sets proper alignment and margin for the images. It also ensures that alignment is changed only in your RSS feeds and not in the actual posts.

11. RSS Atom Avatar – With this plugin you can add your blog’s favicon to your RSS and Atom feeds. It simplifies the process of adding favicon to your feeds. This plugin is simple to use and does not require any coding knowledge.

12. Feed Styler - This plugin is for advanced users who want to customize the look of their RSS feeds. It requires you to have a good knowledge of CSS. It enables you to keep the appearance of your blog posts different from your RSS feed posts. This plugin works on all feed readers that do not strip inline styles.

13. Feed Wrangler – This plugin enables you to create custom feeds for your WordPress blog. It allows you to customize the structure of your RSS feeds. This plugin requires you to have a good knowledge of HTML and PHP.

14. SoJ Tag Feed – With this plugin, you can create a feed for any tag on your site. This allows your subscribers to subscribe to the category they want. It also enables you to insert copyright notice at the beginning of each post in your feed.

15. Extra Feed Links – This plugin enables you to create separate feeds for category pages, tag pages, search pages, author pages and comments. This plugin gives you more options compared to SoJ Tag Feed, as you can create feeds not only for tag pages, but for other pages too.

16. Private RSS – This plugin helps you create public and private RSS feeds. While the public RSS feeds will send out only the summary of the posts, private RSS will have the entire post.

This can be used to provide separate RSS feeds for free and paid subscribers.

17. Feed Key – Feed Key enables you to restrict your RSS feeds only to registered users by adding a 32bit key for each of your users. It adds a 32bit or 40bit key for each user, creating a unique feed URL for every registered user on your site.

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