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Review: Web Developer Addon for Firefox

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As a web developer, you might come across some intriguing websites across web and you might want to probe further on their layout, design and style. For instance, you might want to view a web page without images,  disable CSS styles, JavaScript, re-size window size and so on. These minor tweaks will enable you to get more information about the website.

The Web Developer extension for Firefox is a handy extension which adds a menu and a toolbar to the browser with various web developer tools.

This addon allows web developers to analyze the complete structure of a web page, including elements like CSS style sheets, forms, cookie data, ID and Class details, Java Scripts, images and more. The web developer addon also enables you to edit the current CSS style sheet of the page and view the changes in real-time. You can load a user defined style sheet, or disable styles altogether.

The extensive outlining options allow you to visualize the CSS and HTML elements of the page by outlining tables, DIVs and frames. You can also view form input data along with field names and values and manipulate forms for testing. Other features include links to online code validations, browser window resizing, source viewer with syntax highlighting and more.

If you are a designer or web developer, then the Web Developer add-on is a must-have extension for Firefox. And, as its installed right in your browser, you need to open another application or software to analyze a web page.

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