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Some Useful Tips for Freelance Web Developers and Designers #3

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For the past two weeks I have shared some useful tips for freelancers, following are a few more.

Offer Add-ons to Your Clients

While working with a long-term client, apart from maintenance and regular updates, you can offer useful add-ons to your clients. For instance, for a static website – adding a blog is a good idea to provide readers with news and updates. Similarly, if the website you are working on caters to a community of audience, you can use a forum or a social networking platform to engage the website audience. For a website with multiple forms, you can install a easy-to-use form management system – form tools.


Some of the job postings you come across might be about volunteer work. Like, designing a basic website with minor updates on a monthly basis. If you are an expert in your field, managing such can be very helpful for respective organizations and such basic websites shouldn’t take much of your time. Volunteer work gives you a balance for your career.

Invoicing – Do You Make Use of Web Based Tools?

If you are dealing with multiple clients, managing your work and payments due is quite tedious. There are many web services which offer basic invoice service for free. Some of the web services also offer time and task management, and project management tools. These services will enable you to create invoices and track payments that have been received or have not yet been paid. Some of these tools will help you to create elegant-looking invoices and send them to your clients in a easy way.

If there are any other prolific tools or services you came across, please do let us know in comments.

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