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5 Time Saving Resources for Web Designers

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Web designing is about giving attention to detail, maintaining an effective workflow and producing prolific results. Shortcuts, web applications, typography tools etc., might be handy for web designers and thereby save some time and effort in building intriguing web applications and designs.

Following are five time saving resources for web designers I came across, which I believe are worth sharing.

Pencil Project: Sketching and Prototyping with Firefox

The Pencil Project is a free and opensource tool for GUI prototyping, making flowcharts and diagrams. It has built-in stencils for prototyping and drawing diagrams.

This application enables you to install user-defined stencils and templates and allows exporting to HTML, PNG, ODF, MS Word and PDF. The Pencil Project supports standard drawing operations like scaling, aligning, z-ordering, rotating etc.,

Pencil can be used for creating simple web layouts as well. It can be installed into Firefox 3 as an addon or you can run it as a standalone application on Windows or GNU/Linux. You might want to go through the user guides for Pencil Project.

Divine: Convert PSD to WordPress Theme

With Divine, you can convert any Photoshop design to a WordPress theme in short time, thereby saving you time and effort.

Divine suggests quick and easy steps for you to convert a PSD file to a WordPress theme. No HTML or other coding knowledge are required to convert your PSD to WordPress. You might want to go through video tutorials on how Divine works.

HTML Purifier – Standards-Compliant HTML Filtering

HTML Purifier is an open-source and highly customizable HTML filter library. It will remove all malicious code (better known as XSS) and makes sure your documents are standards compliant. HTML Purifier ensures standards-compliant output.

HTML Purifier is a great library to integrate with existing content management systems and other applications or WYSIWYG editors. You can check out a demo of HTML Purifier here.

Sketchpad – Online Drawing Application

Sketchpad is a web based image editing application. It provides you with some useful tools to draw/edit images draggable interface. You can position various tools like gradients, swatches, patterns etc., anywhere on the screen based on your convenience. You might also want to check out Darkroom.

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