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Finding the Right Career Path in Design

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When you have a solid background in design, the world is your oyster. Today there are countless avenues that you can explore if you’re a skilled designer with the education and experience to back it up. Design has become such an integral part of many industries, so opportunities to explore different areas of design are no rare thing. As much as I think it’s great to really flourish in one industry, it can be equally important to delve into several. Showing off that your skills are applicable to many industries and that you’re a versatile designer can only help your portfolio – and maybe you’ll even find yourself meandering down a career path you never imagined for yourself and actually enjoying it.

There is of course working in advertising. Your experience in this field will vary based on what ad agency you work for, but most designers I know in advertising seem to really enjoy their work. Being part of a creative team, doing pitches to clients, letting your creative juices overflow – it’s all a part of advertising. When you have open-minded clients you have the opportunity to go wild with the work and come up with some really cool concepts and designs.

Then there’s website design. Since it’s pretty much unheard of for a client to not be online today, this field is certainly flourishing. Most companies don’t want anything too out there so the creative might not be of the same calibre as when you’re coming up with fun campaigns. But still, web design is a growing field with lots of opportunity for talented designers.

Illustration is another aspect of design that is often overlooked. Of course, this might not be for everyone. In this day and age you don’t need to be a great illustrator to be a great designer. Some people are amazing with PhotoShop, InDesign and DreamWeaver but can barely do more than doodle when it comes to illustration. On the other hand, some designers were illustrators first and their talent and inspiration came from there. If you’re confident in your illustrating skills then illustration could be a viable career path. You might draw some elements by hand and design others using Adobe Illustrator or Corel Painter. Illustrators can work on many projects, ranging from designing logos to creating images for magazine covers.

Another career path that’s often overlooked by designers is book design. Bookstores are filled with thousands of books, all of those with cover art that had to be designed. Just think about how much of an impression a book cover makes on you when you’re book shopping. While some book covers would only consist of fairly simple layouts, some of them get much more interesting and ornate. This is a great option for designers who love to design but would rather put their talents towards the world of publishing and reading than advertising.

No matter what path you choose, you can have a promising career in design. You might change careers several times throughout your life, and that’s fine. The important thing is finding your niche and doing the kind of work that you find most rewarding.

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