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10 Useful Web Tools and Resources

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Web based tools are always handy for web designers and developers to improve work flow and test chunks of code without having to install software on a system. Following are some useful online tools and resources pertaining to SEO, CSS and testing source code.

CSS Desk

CSS Desk enables you to hand-code HTML/CSS online and view the output simultaneously without having to save changes or refresh your browser tab. CSS Desk provides an option to toggle on/off code highlighting. It enables you to download the HTML/CSS code, once you are satisfied with your code. This web based tool is quite handy to test HTML and CSS without having to write code in a text editor, save changes and preview the output in a web browser.

Color Picker

While working on a website design/development, if you would like to quickly pick colors and grab their hex codes for use in CSS then, Color Picker would be quite handy is such cases. Just pick a color and grab the corresponding hex code for the colors you need. It’s a quick and easy web based tool to pick colors and see if they match your web design needs. It also provides with a chart of color codes to grab the hex code for colors with ease.

SEO Blogger

SEO copywriting plays a key role to optimize the content on a web page or a blog post. If your website / blog is based on WordPress then, SEO Blogger is an intriguing addon for Firefox which provides with alternate words for a search term and enables you to calculate the keyword frequency in terms of actual count and percentage.

This firefox addon is quite handy for SEO copywriters and while optimizing content on a web page. Using alternate search terms (synonyms) enables a web page to be listed in SERP’s for a wide range of keywords and thereby improves search engine visibility and traffic.


In order to create contact forms in a quick and easy way, without having to hard-code CSS, JavaScript and HTML – JotForm is quite handy. JotForm enables you to drag and drop required fields to a form, select an appropriate theme and download the source code for free. One need not be knowledgeable about HTML/CSS to make use of JotForm. This application allows users to create contact forms with ease. You can preview forms and embed the form on your website or blog and view the submissions on your JotForm account or receive submissions to your email inbox.


To check the appearance of a web page in a wide range of browsers in quick time, Browsershots is quite handy. Just check the browsers in which you would like to test the appearance of your site and hit ‘Submit’. Browsershots will provide you with screenshots of your web page indicating its appearance in different browsers and operating systems. Note: You may use Browsershots only once per day, per site.

XML Sitemaps Generator

Sitemaps enable search engines to go through the list of pages on your website and index them. XML Sitemaps allows you to quickly generate a sitemap in  XML format. You can download either an un-compressed or a compressed version of the sitemap to save disk space. It enables you to choose the priority of your web pages and ‘change frequency’ of your site (indicating the frequency at which your site is updated). You may use the sitemap generated to indicate the list of links to be indexed via Google Webmaster Tools.

Web Developer – Firefox Add-on

Web Developer is a prolific add-on for Mozilla Firefox which enables you to play around various elements of a web page. This addon is help for Search Engine Optimizers to view title tags for links, alt tags for images. Web Developers can view the layout of the site, for instance you can view the layout of tables and internal cells on the page. You can disable images on site, CSS etc., to see and test various aspects of a web page. It provides you with a wide array of options to analyze a web page.

Support Details

This website is quite handy for technical support management. If you work as a tech support person, you can direct a client to this site to get the basic details of their system like web browser, screen resolution, operating system etc., These details can be also be exported to CSV and PDF formats. Support Details is useful to get the basic details of a remote user’s system.


Keynoray+ allows you to go through shortcuts for various utilities on Mac and PC. If you are a fan of keyboard shortcuts, this website can be handy for you to navigate through various features of an application easily.


jsFiddle provides an online environment where you can preselect/add popular JavaScript frameworks and test your code.

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