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SEO Advice from Experts – Videos

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If you are bored of reading lots of SEO advice across the web, here is a breather. This post covers an interesting list of useful SEO related videos which enable you to keep up with the current trends of Search Engine Optimization and get to know some great people in the industry associated with SEO.

1. Google WebMasterCentral – YouTube Channel

This is an prolific YouTube channel maintained by Matt Cutts, head of the Google’s web spam team. A series of interesting questions pertaining to search engines, ranking for specific keywords, website architecture, web spam etc., are covered in this video channel. It’s very educative and helpful to keep up with latest information about SEO.

2. Google I/O 2010 – SEO Advice from Experts

This video covers search engine optimization (SEO) feedback for specific websites. A certain set of websites are reviewed in terms of SEO and suggestions/feedback are discussed. This video gives you a good idea about the do’s and dont’s of SEO from a broad perspective.

3. Wil Reynolds – Seer Interactive SEO Videos

A series of videos from Wil Reynolds ( @ Seer Interactive ) about SEO tools, keyword research, link building practices using Twitter and delicious. These videos will give you a good idea about how to use delicious to bookmark and organize useful directory links and keyword research for website optimization and better search engine visibility.

4. Rae Hoffman @ Outspoken Media

Rae Hoffman is a well known Internet Marketing and SEO Consultant in the industry. Here are some useful tips and suggestions about SEO from her.

5. Google Local Search Techniques

Discusses – how to optimize for local search and Google Maps optimization.

6. Chris Goward – Conversion Optimization

Chris Goward discusses techniques for conversion optimization, A/B testing and Multi-variant testing. A framework for analyzing website architecture, software and tools for conversion optimization (Clicktale, Crazyegg etc.,) are also discussed.

7.  Search Engine Spam – Overview

Explaining what exactly Search Engine spam is with some interesting examples. Discusses content scrapping, RSS feeds, showing different versions of a page for search engines versus regular visitors, duplicate content on the web etc., This video gives a good understanding of what web spam is and how NOT to optimize your websites.

8. Search Engine Spam – On Page Issues

This video covers cloaking, keyword stuffing and hidden text. It also offers specific reinclusion tips for Google.

9. SEOmoz – SEO for Video Content

Discusses tips for optimizing video content.

10. Aaron Wall of SEO Book on SEO Tools, Google, and Yahoo

SEO Book founder and chief executive Aaron Wall discusses his popular SEO tools such as the Firefox Rank Checker, SEO Toolbar, and SEO for Firefox.

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