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5 Useful Resources for Web Designers and Developers

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Speed and productivity are two important factors for web designers and developers. Cheat sheets, code snippets and web applications are handy for web designers and developers, and are great time savers. Some web based tools can help you with productivity while others increase your work flow. I tried to gather some time saving resources for web designers and developers. Feel free to share interesting tools and services which are not mentioned in this article.

Awesome Buttons with CSS3

Zurb has some intriguing CSS3 buttons which can be handy for web developers for use in various  occasions based on need. These buttons are scalable and work perfectly across modern browsers. You might want to check out a demo of these awesome buttons. I have personally used these buttons in more than three websites and I found them pretty handy. If you would like to highlight a phone number or an email id on the sidebar or footer section of a website, these buttons come in handy.

If you are looking for buttons with animation effects, then check out radio active buttons with CSS animations and RGBa.

House of Buttons

If you need buttons for various elements of a web page like ‘read more’, ‘click here’,  ‘sign up’ etc., then house of buttons is the place to look for. This site provides you with a great collection of UI buttons.


Snipplr is a social code snippets repository. Snipplr enables you to upload and share code snippets with other community members. It’s a quick and easy to search for other code snippets which might come in handy for you, based on need. Right from CSS rounded corners to PHP email validation there are tons of code snippets available for free.

Frame Box

Frame Box is a web based, simple and easy-to-use wireframing tool. If you would like to visualize a layout for a UI or a web application using text boxes, links, radio buttons and checkboxes etc., Frame Box can come in handy. This site allows you to save the wire frame and send it to others as a link.

Clean CSS

A good online resource for web designers to optimize and format CSS code. Clean CSS takes your code and makes it cleaner and concise. It allows you to select properties and selectors, merge shorthand properties, compress font-weights and colors etc., Formatting and compressing your CSS code will enable you to improve the load time of your CSS code.

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