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10 Useful Photo editing Plugins for WordPress

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WordPress is one among the most popular blogging platform. Bloggers prefer WordPress over other platforms due to it’s flexibility, usability and the ability to extend its features using Plugins. The WordPress Plugins directory has tons of cool plugins to choose from. There are plugins that help you easily manage the ads on your site, create a cache for your site, manage comments and much more. In this post, we bring you some of our most favorite WordPress plugin that lets you play with the photos on your blog.

1. IImage Panorama – This is a really nifty add-on for WordPress that lets you create a 360 degree panorama image to insert on your blog. IImage Panorama uses Java applet and requires you to enable Java in your browser in order to view the image. It is a pretty handy and easy-to-use plugin.

2. Scissors – Scissors is a simple WordPress plugin that enables you to crop, rotate, resize as well as watermark the images on your blog. It also allows automatic resizing as well as watermarking of images when they are uploaded.

3. Frontpage Slideshow – As the name suggests, Frontpage Slideshow inserts a nifty slideshow on the frontpage of your WordPress site. It also enables you to link all the images to the posts from which it is taken. The Slideshow is completely customizable and also SEO friendly.

4. Flickr Gallery – Flickr Gallery is a simple and easy-to-use plugin for WordPress that enables you to quickly and easily add Flickr galleries, photos and even custom search results onto your WordPress pages and posts. In addition to this, it also enables you to easily cache the data so that it doesn’t affect the speed of your site.

5. Watermark Reloaded – Watermark Reloaded enables you to easily add watermark to your uploaded images. It is pretty easy-to-use and lets you use different fonts for your watermark. It also enables you to easily position your watermark.

6. Lightbox 2 – Lightbox 2 provides an interactive way of displaying the images on your blog. It enlarges and overlays the images in your post as well as dims the background while you click on them. It is pretty easy to setup and works on all modern browsers.

7. SlideZoom – SlideZoom is a lightweight plugin that allows bulk upload of images to generate a HighSlide JS gallery. You can easily insert the gallery into your posts or pages by simply copying and pasting the the generated code. It also allows automatic resizing of the uploaded image.

8. WP Photo Album – WP Photo Album is a really nifty plugin that enables you to easily manage and display the photo albums within your WordPress site. It allows you to move photos to and from different albums and also set the default max. sizes for thumbnail and full size picture view.

9. Featured Content Gallery – Featured Content Gallery lets you create an automated, fully customizable image gallery to display the featured posts on your site. You can easily customize your gallery size, color, style and much more.

10. jQuery Image Lazy Load WP – jQuery Image Lazy Load is a really nifty WordPress plugin that delays the loading of images in a long page. On enabling the plugin, only the few images on the top will be loaded first and the images further below are loaded as the user scrolls down.

If you have any other plugins to recommend, share it to us through the comments section.

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