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10 Useful Web Typography Tools

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Web Typography refers to the use of fonts in web pages. A good typography is very essential to complement the overall design of a web page. It can completely enhance the visual appearance of your website. However, achieving great typography with CSS is not an easy task.

You can find various tools on the web that enables web designers and graphic designers easily achieve good typography.

In this post, we bring you 10 useful tools that enables you to achieve beautiful typography.

1. FontStruct – FontStruct is a free font building tool that lets you quickly and easily create fonts out of geometrical shapes which are arranged in a grid pattern. Once you finish building the font, FontStruct generates high quality True Type fonts which you can use on your Mac or PC.

2. Typechart – Typechart is a really nifty tool that lets you flip through, preview and compare different web typography and also lets you download the CSS. In addition to this, it also enables you to compare Windows font rendering with Apple font rendering.

3. PXtoEM – As the name suggests, this simple tool enables you to easily convert pixels to em and vice-versa. Just choose or enter the font size in pixels and PXtoEM instantly converts it into em.

4. Font Burner – Font Burner is a really nifty tool that lets you easily add great fonts to your website to achieve beautiful typography. It has over 1000 high-quality fonts to choose from.

5. CSS Type Set – CSS Type Set is a simple yet powerful tool that lets you type in some text and then play around with different possible CSS permutations. Once you get the desired look, all you have to do is copy the CSS code.

6. Wordle – Wordle is a really great tool that enables you to create word clouds from the text you provide. It lets you tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts and themes. You can print, save or even share your word cloud. It is really simple and easy-to-use.

7. Fontifier – Fontifier lets you easily use your own handwriting as a font on your computer. It turns a scanned sample of your handwriting into a handwriting font that you can use in your word processor or graphics program.

8. Typetester – Typetester is an online application that enables you to compare different fonts for the screen. It lets you compare 3 different fonts at a time and choose the one you like.

9. Flipping Typical – Flipping Typical provides you a really nice way of exploring the popular typefaces that you have on your computer. It does this by creating text using various typefaces from your computer.

10. Font Tester – Font Tester is a free online application that enables you to easily preview and compare different fonts side-by-side. It also lets you apply various CSS styles for the fonts. It is a really handy tool for web designers.

Have any other useful typography tools to recommend? Share it to us through the comments section.

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