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Cheap Web Hosting Plans Available

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There are a variety of cheap web hosting plans that exist. Web developers can search the web and find hosting plans that fit their web designs. Few leading and cheap hosting companies are listed below:

Website developers that are really interested in cheap domain registration should conduct a search on shared hosting first. Shared hosting plans are cheap because web hosts have different clients are sharing the same server. The space on the server is typically broken up into partitions to accommodate different clients. Companies provide this service at lower costs because it takes less maintenance to support. This is different from a dedicated host that requires maintenance on a different server for every client.

Dedicated hosting is the opposite of shared hosting. Here each client has their own server for hosting. This is also at the other end of the spectrum in concerns to cost. That is why developers that are looking for cheap domain registration may bypass dedicated hosting. Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is a nice middle ground for those that want more reliability than shared hosting but less costs than dedicated hosting. This option splits the server into multiple virtual servers. Shared hosting is the most common hosting platform, but VPS hosting is the second most common form of hosting. Developers are surprised by the fact that this is still a fairly affordable service.

Windows hosting is ideal for developers that use Microsoft development tools. The Windows server applications support all of the SQL and ASP database connections. Developers are able to use the tools that are most widely used in web development. These are often some of the best web hosts because they support a range of scripting languages and extensions that are often used to access information that reside on databases.

Cheap Linux hosting is available for developers that choose to develop their websites through the Linux operating system. Linux hosting supports PERL, MYSQL, and PHP programming. Linux hosting has gained lots of popularity as a result of all of the open source applications that are being developed. There are usually a variety of cheap web hosting options with Linux hosting, and developers save even more by developing in Linux because there are so many free resources.

There are lots of hosting options available, but the best web hosts will offer the services that you need at affordable prices. The host that you choose should be based on the services that you need.

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