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10 Useful WordPress Plugins for Backup

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Backing up your WordPress site’s database is very essential in order to prevent losing your WordPress website to server errors, hackers or accidents. You can backup your website manually or by using WordPress plugins.

The WordPress plugins directory has various plugins that enable you to easily backup your site’s database. WordPress backup plugins range from simple database backups to professional backup solutions that backup copies of your website on encrypted servers.

In this post, we present you 10 most useful plugins for backing up your WordPress database.

1. WP-DB-Backup – WP-DB-Backup is an on-demand backup tool that enables you to easily backup your core WordPress database tables. It enables you to download the backup files on your computer, save it on the server or even send it to your mailbox. It lets you select the database tables you want to backup and also enables you to schedule backups.


2. BackWPUP – This plugin not only backs up your WP database but also lets you backup other WP files. It enables you to store your backups in zip, tar, tar.gz as well as tar.bz2 formats. You can save your backup to your PC, save it on another server or even send it to your e-mail. This plugin also provides additional features such as database optimization and database repair.


3. WP-DBManager – WP-DBManager is a really nifty plugin that lets you easily manage your WP database. It allows you to optimize, repair, backup as well as restore your database. It also supports automatic scheduling of backup as well as DB optimization.


4. WordPress Backup – WordPress Backup is a simple plugin that lets you take backups of the upload directory, current theme directory as well as the plugin directory. It also allows you to schedule your backups and send the resultant zip file to your mailbox.

WordPress Backup

5. BackUpWordPress – BackupWordPress is an easy Backup and Recovery suite for your WordPress website. It enables you to backup your WordPress database as well as other files manually or automatically. It allows you to download the backup to your computer, send it as an e-mail or save it on your blog’s server.

6. DBC Backup – DBC Backup plugin enables you to easily backup your WordPress database to your blog’s server manually or automatically. It allows you to compress your backups to Gzip or Bzip2 formats. It is pretty simple and easy-to-use.

DBC Backup

7. Bei Fen – WordPress Backup Plugin – Bei Fen lets you easily backup your entire WordPress installation or only your WordPress database to your server. It allows you to compress your backup as zip archives and restore backups with just one-click.

Bei Fen WordPress Backup Plugin

8. myEASYbackup – myEASYbackup allows you to backup, restore as well your migrate your WordPress installation with just a single-click. However, this plugin does not support automatic backups and hence backups must be initiated manually. You can save the backup files to your server or even download it to your computer.


9. WordPress EZ Backup – WordPress EZ Backup is a simple plugin that allows you to easily create backup archives of your entire site or any of the selected MySQL databases right from your WordPress admin panel.

WordPress EZ Backup

10. Online Backup for WordPress – Online Backup for WordPress is a handy plugin by Backup Technology that enables you to easily backup your entire WordPress database to your computer, e-mail or Backup Technology’s servers. However, before using this plugin you will have to register an account with Backup Technology which will offer you 50 Mb of free disk space on their server and a host of other features.

Online Backup for WordPress

We hope you liked our list of WordPress backup plugins. If you have anything to say or any plugin to share, please feel free to use the comments section.

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