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How do you Differentiate Yourself as a Web Developer?

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Freelance web designers, and developers might find it challenging to get projects on a consistent basis. There can be various means to get identified as a skilled designer or developer.


You might have come across numerous articles showcasing prolific web development work. Passion speaks; some portfolios are creative, while some are inspirational. Adding rich design, interactive elements, and portraying your work in a unique way provides a eye-catchy user experience.

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Organic search is a great way to leverage your visibility and traffic. If you share code snippets on your blog or website, other developers may find it useful and make use of your code in their projects. Code snippets, cheat sheets, how-to’s etc., are a great way to leverage your site’s returning visitors.

For instance, Zurb showcases intriguing CSS work, wire-frames and sketchsheets.

Apart from sharing code and design work, your can also consider guest blogging. Blogging on other sites helps you gain visibility in the blogosphere. It’s a great way to be noticed by targeted audience.

  • Nettuts is a prolific blog which showcases tutorials pertaining to web development and various programming languages.
  • Web designer wall: a great blog on design trends and tutorials
  • David Walsh: the wizard of MooTools
  • CSS Tricks (by Chris Coyier): CSS aficionado

Above mentioned blogs are resourceful, on-topic and worth visiting frequently to keep track of web development and design trends.


CSS directories are a great way to submit your portfolio and gain visibility as a web designer / developer. In my personal experience, I have been receiving traffic consistently from CSS mayo.

Other factors like negotiating a compensation, availability, skills etc., are also key to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

Above all, performing consistently for your clients will speak for itself about your skills and great work.

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How do you Differentiate Yourself as a Web Developer?

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