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5 Online Tools for CSS Compression

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Cascading Style Sheets is used for providing different varieties of styles and patterns to a web page. When a web page is loaded, the CSS file also gets loaded with it. But if the size of file is very large then it takes a lot of time of the page to load. Thus,  it is very essential to optimize the CSS in order to decrease the loading time.

There are various tools available on the internet that enable you to easily optimize and compress your CSS code. In this post, we bring you 5 of the best free and valuable tools that help in optimizing and compressing CSS.

Arantius CSS Compressor - This simple program is written in JavaScript, and is all client side as it doesn’t require you to transmit your code to any other server. It simply takes out the comments and whitespace from your CSS code, which can save a lot space of your file.

Lotterypost CSS CompressorThis CSS compressor reduces the size of standard CSS codes, strips out unnecessary characters and implements CSS shortcuts thereby minimizing the size of your CSS file.  It compresses your CSS code on the fly and does not store any copy of your code on the server.

eBiene CompressorEbiene Compressor is a really nifty tool that enables you to compress JavaScript as well as CSS code. It allows you to compress your CSS code quickly and free of cost. It is pretty simple and easy to use. All you have to do is paste your CSS code and click on the type of compression you want. It quickly generates the compressed code within no time.

AskApache Online CSS Compression ToolThis tool enables you to upload the CSS file to be compressed, specify the CSS file URL or even paste the CSS code into the form field. This tool uses part of the Javascript port of the YUI compressor and part of the W3 CSS validator to effectively compress your CSS code.

Pingates CSS CompressorThis nifty tool by Pingates allows you to quickly and easily compress your CSS code. It enables you to directly paste the stylesheet url or also lets you paste the CSS source code. It also provides you with various options to control the amount of compression you want.

The CSS compressors mentioned above are very useful and simple to use. Based on the need, one can use these tools to compress and optimize the lines of CSS code on their website.

Have any other CSS compression or optimization tools to recommend? Share it to us through the comments section.

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