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5 Online Tools for Image Compression and Optimization

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Image Optimization is very essential to enable smooth functioning of a website. Without optimized images, a website can become very slow and consume a lot of bandwidth. This may drive away lot of traffic from your website. Hence, it is very important for a web designer to optimize the images on a website. There are various Image Optimization tools available on the World Wide Web. Below are 5 of the best online tools that allow you to easily optimize your images.

Web Resizer

Web Resizer is one of the most effective tools for resizing your images for free and edit your photos so that it can be easily attached to your emails or web pages. It assists you with all the essential optimization requirements for an image and resizing of the image so that the image may become smaller. The features incorporated in this tool are resize, rotate images, crop, sharpen, contrast, color, saturation levels, adjust brightness, etc. Working on this web based tool does not require any kind of registration and is very easy to use without any tediousness. It allows uploading of images of size less than 5 MB.

Web Resizer is one of the best web based image optimizer in the business. It allows you to compress your image file without compromising on the quality and pixels of the original image. The output you get is unmatchable and optimized to the best. With this tool you can optimize at the maximum of 5 images at the same time. is now also a part of the YSlow, a simple Firefox add-on that analyzes the overall performance of a website.

Shrink Pictures

Shrink Pictures makes image optimization very simple and comprehensive. You just need to browse your image and select the location of your file. Then you select the different optimization options like selecting the new size for the image, quality of the image,etc. Once you click on the resize button, your optimized image will appear within just a few seconds. All the images get converted automatically to JPG format. Shrink Pictures permits you to upload images at a maximum size of 6Mb.

Shrink Pictures


iResize is fast and very productive online tool to resize images for free. It is an easy to use application with a very comprehensive way of dealing with image optimization. It helps you with image optimization by allowing to resize your image by pixels and bytes, without putting in too much of effort. You do not need to download or install anything before working on this tool.


Dynamic Drive

Dynamic Drive is a simple tool that helps you to instantly compress your images of GIF, JPG or PNG format. Moreover, it also enables to convert your images from one format to another. However, the upload limit for any image is 300 KB.

Dynamic Drive

Have any other online image compression tools to recommend? Share it to us via the comments section.

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