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5 Useful Sites to Share Code Online

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Teamwork in the coding world requires people to share code with each other physically and most of the times online. Sharing those large blocks of code through a chat channel may become annoying sometimes and doing the same through e-mail may make your programming experience exhaustive and boring. All these lack the basic needs for code reading i.e., formatting and line numbering which makes the otherwise interesting code sharing, slow, clumsy and unimaginably obscure.

Here’s where pastebins come into picture and make things a lot more interesting and comprehensive. They allow the developers to share code snippets with ease at sharable, throwaway URLs so that codes could be shared back and forth without any trouble. A number of pastebin sites are there for code sharing and all of them have been designed to make life easier in the programming world. But they are mostly same and don’t have much differences if you compare them. Presented below is the list of top 5 sites where you can share codes instantly and easily.


Pastie is not one of the sites with all the features, nor does it has the support for most of the languages but it is one of the most exquisite and elegant site present. It may have paucity of features but its slick looks and simple design makes up for all the misses and absence.

Pastie Pastebin


With its robust paste tools, Gist is one of the most effective pastebins on the net. It is set apart by its unique features which are otherwise hard to find. It has the support to embed pastes on other sites, supports versioning, SSL security for private pastes and the unmatchable ability to push and pull pastes using Git. It finds its similarity with its parent site GitHub and so has the feature to fork public pastes with the click of a button.

Another important fact in its favour is that GitHub’s active user community has contributed a lot to the excellent features of Gist by incorporating in it a developing ecosystem of extensions, such as Textmate support and auto-posting to Tumblr. Geasemonkey scripts can also be served from Gist.



If you desire code pasting that is epigrammatic and pithy, then you don’t need to go anywhere except TinyPaste. You don’t need to waste your time over names, choosing language descriptions of the code, etc. Although it means no highlighting of the code and it should be done outside the window. But it is made up by the simplicity and almost autonomous behaviour of the site. You just need to enter your code and relax. One of the most extraordinary features of this pastebin is that it has a Firefox plugin which allows you to paste code from all the text sources and get the URL of the paste without even having to visit the TinyPaste site. Also it has an application programming interface.

It functions in the same way in which TwitPic work for images in twitter. Right now it has features of a run of the mill sites but hopefully things would definitely get better very soon and different key features like auto-post to twitter will be incorporated.



Compared to other pastebins, Ideone has an added feature in that it enables you to compile and run your code online. It is an online compiler and debugging tool that supports more than 40 programming languages. It is pretty simple and easy to use. It also provides you with an option to make your code private, so that it doesn’t get listed in the recent codes section of the site.



Snipplr is not just a pastebin, rather it is a public code snippet library and is one of the best in the business. It makes you share your code with more people rather than just a handful of them. It has a large library of more than 10000 code snippets. They have incorporated in their site a WordPress plugin, a Textmate bundle, Safari and Firefox bookmarklets and also a plugin for Gnome text editor Gedit.


All of the above mentioned paste bins are one of the most lucrative paste bins in the business and provide a means to make code sharing faster and easier.

Know any other paste bin that deserves a place in this list? Let us know about it via the comments section.

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